The International Security Network is proud to be one of the first Security Companies to offer an online version of the Security Training Course. You can now take this required course from the comfort of your own home and on various devices, such as; PC, Mac, or tablet. The user friendly course is easy to navigate and can be taken at your pace*. Upon successful completion of the course and passing the question built in exam students will be able to download a Certificate of Completion.

This is the introductory class that everyone must take if they want to work security all over the World. It is a 6 hour mandatory class that goes over the basics of security:

  • Security Officer Training
  • Prevention and Deterrence
  • Ethics
  • Perception of the officer
  • Liaison between the Police and Client
  • Observation and Reporting
  • Emergency Response
  • Offenses and Arrest
  • Types of offenses
  • Radio Procedures
  • Report Writing
  • Conflict Resolution

Benefits to taking the Online Security Officer Training Course:

  • No driving
  • No getting dressed up for class
  • No having to sit in class for 6 hours
  • Save money on cost of course
  • Able to fit the course into your personal schedule
  • Able to download your certificate (which can be saved, printed, emailed, etc.)

*Students will have a maximum of 2 weeks to complete the course.

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